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An ongoing project commissioned by an artistic client. She was looking for a platform to help display her artwork, Flash animations, and webcomics in a user-friendly and navigable manner.

The site features two webcomics, an image gallery, and a comment system -- all custom-made. The back-end is written in PHP in a way that allows for easy updates without the need to delve into the code.

keywords: PHP | javascript | JQuery

A configurable art gallery built using PHP and JSON on the backend, and jQuery on the front end. Also plays Flash files.

Click Here for the github repo or here for a live demo with explanations.

keywords: PHP | jQuery | JSON

A quick Snake clone I wrote in Java with the UI built on top of the javax.swing framework. Gobble up mice to increase your length, with the snake speeding up by 5% every time.

Some neat features:

  • Game logic, drawing, and played sounds all run on separate threads to prevent hiccups.
  • Each frame is drawn to a buffer to prevent flickering.
  • Background is randomly generated at the beginning of every round. It can be made to re-generate during every frame... Just stick a call to fillBackground() under step() in the Launch class.

keywords: Java | jswing | multi-threaded

A simple little gadget that uses the Twitch API to show the status of certain streamers.

The display adjusts depending on their online availability and current activity.

keywords: javascript | Twitch API

A Simon simulator made using javascript.

Basically follow the color/sound pattern until you get 20 right. If 'strict' mode is enabled, game becomes less forgiving and fails you after you get one sequence wrong.

keywords: javascript

Generates random quotes based on Quotes on Design API.

Some animations kick in if the red X is pressed :]

keywords: JQuery | Animate.css

A quick Pomodoro clock that also plays sounds to mark the end of a session.

Sounds play even if the tab is not currently active and, as it turns out, if your phone is asleep.

keywords: javascript

A basic in-browser tic-tac-toe game made built using javascript. Can either play against another person, or the AI.

It is possible to win, as the AI still needs some work, though it's interesting to note how worthwhile an opponent the computer can be if you just program it to have obstructionist tendencies, even without taking heuristics into account.

keywords: javascript

A simple 8-bit bitwise calculator I made while studying bitwise operations. Constructed using Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

The fancy color-animations are made possible using the awesome Scriptaculous library!

keywords: javascript | Scriptaculous.js

A pretty basic, console-based, 2-player tic-tac-toe.

This served as my introduction to C++ and pointers (fun!)

keywords: C++ | console